About Novawes Import

Novawes Import has a proud history in the importing and trading industry which is backed up by a strong staff unit and key personnel. With our main offices in Johannesburg, we are able to services the importing needs of the whole country when it comes to supplying disposable hygiene products, food ingredients (such as tapioca starch, wheat gluten, corn starch and more) as well as empty capsules. Everything about our company is aimed at servicing the core needs of companies in need of our customers and we will go the extra mile to supply you with top quality products time and time again.

Importing Company in South Africa

Traditionally having made its mark in the food and pharmaceutical importing industry through supplying a range of pharmaceutical products and food ingredients to the South African market,  Novawes, through diverse agencies and solid relationships, has grown its range of quality products to include specific disposable items for local hygiene and beverage applications. The Novawes Import team will go about managing every aspect of the supply chain from the placing of orders to the final on-time delivery to customers throughout South African and neighbouring countries.

Organisational Structure

Below is a diagram that clearly depicts everything you need to know about us and the organisational structure of all the Novawes Import company in South Africa : NW BeveragesNW HygieneNW Pharma & NW Food.

Our Procurement Policy to You

AboutNovawes is committed to sourcing the best pharmaceutical, food ingredient, hygiene and disposable products that meet specific requirements in the local market. The procurement of goods is subject to quality, technical and ethical standards that form an intricate part in evaluating potential suppliers.

We promote an open, fair, consistent, competitive, cost-effective and transparent procurement process. We will not compromise on health, safety, commercial, quality and service standards.

Suppliers are required to submit all relevant internationally recognised certificates to authenticate and substantiate the quality and health standards claimed by them. In South Africa, Novawes makes every procurement occasion a BEE procurement opportunity and is committed to the spirit of BEE in its procurement activities.