Novawes Silica Gel Products

Novawes are specialist suppliers of a wide range of quality products to the pharmaceutical, hygiene, food and beverage industries. We now offer a range of Silica Gel Sachets for industrial applications.

Silica gel is a commonly used desiccant that adsorbs and holds water vapour. Little packets of silica gel are found in all sorts of products. In leather products and foods like beef or pork sausage, the lack of moisture can limit the growth of mold and reduce spoilage. In electronics and camera equipment it prevents condensation, which might damage the electronics. In a bottle of vitamins, condensation could speed up the decomposition of the chemicals and ruin the pills or capsules. Today, you will find little silica gel packets in anything that would be affected by excess moisture or condensation.

Industrial Application:

  • Dehydration process
  • Moisture absorption from a sealed vessel
  • Catalyst carrier
  • Breather transformer process
  • Refrigeration
  • Air- conditioning
  • Hearing aids
  • Industrial gas drying (oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, etc.)
  • Purification of industrial natural gases
  • Dehydrated food storage
  • Electronic materials packaging
  • Leather products packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals bottles, tablets & capsules packaging
  • Prevent moisture, spoilage, mold and mildew

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Novawes pre-packed silica gel in permeable sachets have a high moisture adsorbing capacity and are compact, durable, non-dusting and disposable. Available in a variety of sorbent blends and sachet sizes to meet specific packaging needs.