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Stockists of Bovine & Vegetable Capsules

NW Pharma are very fortunate to be the agents for one of the best Capsule manufacturers in the world, if not the best, Suheung. With manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Vietnam, we are an extended arm of Suheung into South Africa and surrounds, servicing the market with a wide range of printed colour capsules which we hold locally as stock items.

NW Pharma Capsules to Suit All Needs

Over and above standard stock items, printed capsules, available in any particular colour can be arranged. Whilst the most commonly used capsules in the market are Bovine (Kosher & Halaal) capsules, Suheung also pride themselves on having mastered the Vegetable capsule, ideal for vegetarians and others who avoid beef or any animal by-products.

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Various Sizes Available

The capsule that NW Pharma provide come in a variety of different sizes and in various different colour combinations. Therefore, regardless of your capsule needs, we are able to customise your order to meet those requirements and provide a comprehensive product to clients.

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Colour Matching

To meet the customers’ need for a wide variety of colours using approved dyes, the company uses a computerised colour management system. Individual colour codes are created for each customer to ensure colour consistency on repeat orders. Therefore, you never have to look anywhere else for your capsule printing needs.

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Capsules can be visually enhanced and given its own identity with imprinting. Various styles of printing are available and only Suheung’s sophisticated machinery can supply two-colour printing.

Types of Printing

  • Axial Print, Rectified Axial Print, Spin Print & Two Colour Spin Print.
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  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • General System of Preferences (GSP)


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